Origin: Sweden
Style: Black metal
Status: Dissolved
Ophthalamia was a fantasy-world created by IT. The Goddess of this world was the woman with the demons, called Elishia. IT also created the surroundings of Ophthalamia (I guess that the shores of Kaa-Ta-Nu were a part of this world, as the sea of Ragiih-Nib and the moutains of Makubu-Keen were), the land's creatures and a language for Ophthalamians... All songs of Ophthalamia are connected to stories about this fantasy-world.
Ophthalamia first started in 1989. The first lead vocalist was All, but he moved and was replaced by Shadow (on "A Journey In Darkness"). Then Shadow was replaced by Legion on "Via Dolorosa" and since Legion left for the Black-Metal band Marduk, All was back in Ophthalamia.
Winter, the drummer, was a member on both of the albums. But he left Ophthalamia right after "Via Dolorosa" was recorded. He was then replaced by Bone. Night, the bassist, replaced Mourning on "Via Dolorosa" and became the second guitarist. From then on, he was replaced by Mist on bass. So the line-up became:
IT: Guitar, Screams, Whispers, Additional Vocals, Talk
Night: Guitar, Accoustic Guitars, Screams
Bone: Drums, Percussion
All: Lead Vocals, Screams
Mist: Bass
Former Members
IT (Tony Särkkä) 1989- Guitars, vocals 
All (Jim Berger) 1989- Vocals See also Abruptum, Vondur, War. 
Shadow (Jon Nödtveidt) -1993- 
Legion (Erik Hagstedt) -1994- Vocals 
Winter (Benny Larsson) -1993-1994 Drums 
Bone (Ole Öhman)  -1997- Drums 
Mourning (Robert Ivarsson) -1993- Bass 
Night (Emil Nödveidt) 1994- Guitars, bass 
Mist (Mikael Schelin) -1997- Bass 
Additional Musicians
Axa (Alexandra Balogh) Piano, vocals On A Journey, Via Dolorosa.
1994 A Journey In Darkness 
1996 Via Dolorosa 
1997 To Elishia 
1997 A Long Journey 
1998 Dominion
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