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(from left to right: Cat Scan, Bone W Machine, Whiplasher Bernadotte, Nightmare Industries, Skinny Disco)


Whiplasher Bernadotte                                                                          

Andreas Bergh was born in May, 1977 in Strömstad, Sweden.

Played before Deathstars in the Death/Black Metal band Swordmaster.

He founded Deathstars together with Emil Nödtveidt. All published lyrics of Deathstars derive from him!


Eye colour?    Blue.

Sense of life?    The death.

Your biggest nightmare?    To be eaten by a potato.

Deathstars in five words?    Dynamic, explosive, dark, rough, sexy.

What do you admire in a person?    I admire women and fans, above all, female fans.

Who encourages you to play music?   ---

What do you think before you go on stage?    I hope there are many women here tonight!!

What do you want to say to your fans?    I admire your taste of music.

You are great, in nomine dei nostre satanas.


Bands:   KISS, MC5, Roky Erickson, Johnny Cash, in Slaughter Natives, Darkthrone.

Songs:   I like every good song.

Films:   Ital. Horror films of Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento. However, best of all I like The Beyond.

Drinks:   Bloody Mary

Food:   Sushi, salmon

I like:   Women

I hate:   Potatoes


Skinny Disco

Jonas Kangur was born on the 29th July, 1979 in Stockholm, Sweden.

At the age of seven years he learned to play the guitar.

In his first band, The Four Jacks he played the bass at the age of twelve years.

Since then he was a guitarist / bassist in different bands over and over again.

Among the rest, in Revolution Riot and Mynjun. 4 years ago he changed his name from Jonas Kangur to Skinny Kangur.


Eye colour?    Green.

Sense of life?    Nr:6.

Your biggest nightmare?    Everyone has a fear of ME, especially Nightmare Industries.

Deathstars in five words?    Pale, twisted, serious, drunk, impulsive.

What do you admire in a person?    Confidence.

Who encourages you to play music?    Mom.

What do you think before you go on stage?    Will the sound be good? Why did I not pee again before this?? It would look much cooler here if all floodlights were on! Let's rock!

What do you want to say to your fans?    We really appreciate the support we've got already. Tell your friends about us and multiply rock on! See you out there soooooooon!

Stay hungry! They don't call me Skinny for nothing !

Bands:  Dimmu Borgir, Opeth, Christian Death, Camel, W.A.S.P., Frank Zappa
Songs:  Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix In the Court of the Crimson King - King Crimson Mourning            Palace - Dimmu Borgir Solitary Man - Johnny Cash.
Films:   Omen, Memento & Fung Sai Yuk

The basses he use are:
Fender Jazz Bass, Music Man Stingray and Rickenbacker 4001.
The amp he use is:


Nightmare Industries

Emil Nödtveidt was born in November, 1976 in Uddevalla, Sweden.

He has a sister, Sara.

At the age of eight years he began to play the guitar.

Among the rest, he played in the Band Dissection and Swordmaster which he founded in 1993 together with Whiplasher.

Swordmaster then broke up after the album Moribundly Transgoria.


Eye colour?    Blue.

Sense of life?    There is no sense of life.

Your biggest nightmare?    I am the dreams and nightmares of the people!

Deathstars in five words?    Chaotic, charming, wicked, seductive, powerful.

What do you admire in a person?    Charisma and individualism.

Who encourages you to play music?    ---

What do you think before you go on stage?    Allow us to pull through well!

What do you want to say to your fans?    If you play with fire...

Listening to Deathstars is a sin, see you in hell!


Bands:   KISS, Nine inch Nails, Sisters of mercy, Rammstein, Motley Crue, Ministry, Abruptum

Songs:   Today, All Hell's breaking loose - KISS, Welcome to the jungle - Guns 'n Roses, Ich will -   Rammstein, Lucretia my creation - Sisters of Mercy, Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson,   Dr Feelgood & Kickstart my heart - Motley Crue, See you in hell - Monster Magnet.

Films:   Hellraiser I and II

Drinks:  Gin & Tonic, Jack & Coke

Food:   Filet Mignon


Cat Scan

Name: Eric
Birthday: 24.05
Zodiac sign:  Gemini
Status: Single
Orientation: Hetero
Hometown: Stockholm
Height: 183 cm
Piercings: Nose, Nipple, Lip
Hair colour: Black
Do you want children?: No
TV: Pimp my Ride
Hobby / Job: Music, guitarist in Deathstars and modelling


Bone W Machine

Ole Öhman was born in October, 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden.

At the age of 15 he began to play the drums.

He played in the band Siren's Yell (in 1988-1989), Rabbit's Carrot (1989) and Dissection (1990 - 1995).

After he left Dissection he had a five year break, until he joined Deathstars.


Eye colour?    Blue.

Sense of life?    Sex, drugs and drums.

Your biggest nightmare?    Nightmares do not frighten me!

Deathstars in five words?    Power, glam, irony, theater, darkness.

What do you admire in a person?    ---

Who encourages you to play music?    The devil.

What do you think before you go on stage?    Why have I drank the last beer!?!

What do you want to say to your fans?    It's great that all of you support us the way you do, we're getting stronger everyday.

I bow my head to the loyal horde of deathstars struck fans out there.


Bands: King Crimson, Mayhem (old), Landberk, Morbid Angel, Opeth, King Diamond, Guns n Roses, Jethro tull, Dimmu Borgir, Anekdoten, etc.

Songs: There are many, but one of the best ones is Grace from Jeff Buckley.

Films: Clockwork Orange

Drinks: Jack and Ginger

Food: Pizza


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