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In the beginning there was death.


The summer of 1993 saw a band called Swordmaster formed during a wild metal party in Gothenburg, Sweden. After the usual line-up problems they signed a deal with Florida based label Full Moon Productions and recorded their mini album "Wraths Of Time" in the spring of 1995. In 1996 they signed a new deal with the French label Osmose Productions. In January 2000 the band played a show at Kafé 44 in Stockholm together with Merciless where they gained attention from the label LED Recordings (Hellacopters a.o.), a label backed up by Universal. The band signed a new deal and changed musical direction completely, from brutal black / death metal to a black form of industrial metal. They also changed their name.


Now, the elite has gathered under the flag of Deathstars. They have managed to develop a new kind of bombastic industrial rock music, taking it all to a new level of sophisticated brutality.


With their debut-album "Synthetic Generation", Deathstars immediately made a name for themselves as an act that combined the attitude of the extreme metal underground with a more modern and dynamic expression than other dark rock acts. Both singles/videos - "Synthetic Generation" and "Syndrome" rotated hard on music- tv- and radio- channels all over the world and the success was of course followed by tours and festival-gigs. The debut was produced by the bands own Nightmare Industries, Mixed by Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Clawfinger, Def Leppard) and recorded in Fredman Studios by Anders Fridén and Deathstars.


"Synthetic Generation" takes you through the collapse and decadence of our western culture and confronts the time in which we live and work every day. With different views on dark topics the band use themselves as the artwork and the songs as aspects on themselves. It's nothing short from an impressive and original achievement from this new hyped band.


On their second album, ”Termination Bliss” they take an even more powerful step into the modern urban nightside - It’s death, It’s glitter, a fistful of fire and tons of blank leather.


“Termination Bliss” takes the renaissance of the leatherswept members into the artificial heart of their European culture. It’s a deep dive into the dystopia of our personal future, and a bloody crimescene for the ones who still have a grand vision of utopian belief. Deathstars use themselves as as the objects they try to understand and as the patients they critizise in a time where it’s hard to find some substance at all - the world which we work and live in every day. It’s about aggression, glamour, loss, decadence and moral downfall; the spirit can best be described as an industrial demigod in black glitter - with a gun, a cigarette and a million dollar smile. It's entertainment from hell. “Termination Bliss” was produced by Nightmare Industries in Black Syndicate Studios and mixed by Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Clawfinger etc.) at Toytown Studios.


Deathstars deliver style and maybe it's true as they say - with Deathstars even funerals look good.


They have topped the Swedish TV-charts and have had high rotation on public radiostations - it's been a total success and now they're ready to take on the rest of the planet.


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